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You heard right! I am opening up a studio this spring! What kind of photo shoots will I be doing there? Well, I’m glad you asked! It will primarily be a boudoir & glamour studio. My focus will be on girls ages 8 and up, and women. Here’s what you can expect:

Boudoir – This part is really exciting for me because I am customizing the studio to how I want it to look, not a cookie cutter hotel room. There will be a full “bedroom” set up, as well as backdrops and special lighting to give you a variety of poses and looks to your custom session. From fresh and romantic, to sultry and dramatic… I will be able to offer it all!!!!

Glamour – This is for the woman who wants, and DESERVES, a beautiful set of photos just for her. Don’t feel comfortable doing a boudoir shoot? This is the one for you then!!! How often do we get to look at ourselves and just say “WOW”?? Shouldn’t we all have that opportunity once in our lives?? I will help you decide what to wear and give full posing directions so you feel comfortable on your day.

Girls – I know I sound like a broken record, but I am also SO EXCITED for this project as well. These sessions will be aimed at unveiling the true unique beauty that God has given each girl. No matter our size, eye or hair color, He has made us special, and I am thrilled to be able to show young women how beautiful they really are.

I will be offering STUNNING products with each appointment. Custom books, matted prints, and wall art will be on the menu for you to choose what suits YOU!

I look forward to seeing you in my studio soon,


This is it! My favorite images from 2012. Initially I just wanted a top 12 of 2012… then I realized that would be impossible. I could NOT possibly narrow it down that much, so I selected a handful of photos and grouped them into categories. I still have sooooooo many more favorites that I didn’t post, because if I would have… this would be the longest blog in history!! So, here are my favorites. I would love for you to comment below and let me know what YOUR favorite image is whether it made the blog or not. Enjoy!

Newborns and Children

Sophie was a near perfect newborn. She has quickly become one of my favorite clients.

Sweet Baby Reid
I was lucky enough to photograph Draydens home water birth AND his newborn photos!
One of my favorite mother/child moments.
Had to add another photo of Spohie. These were her 6 month photos and I just smile every time I see this image of her.
The award for the best style goes to Leo! He’s such a dapper little boy.
Aubrey had the most incredible enery during her shoot. So much personality for such a little girl.
This was my first styled child shoot. Kennedy was the PERFECT Audrey Hepburn. People driving by kept honking at her!
My daughter Kaylee. I had this cape special made just for her to do these photos. Perfection if I do say so myself!
From her tippie toes to her chubby hands, this photo shoot in her bedroom couldn’t be cuter.
Kaedyns 10th birthday photos. Such a great idea to capture your children on milestone birthdays.
I did a whole black and white series on Ella playing tennis. My most action packed shoot for sure!
This image made my top favorites because of the pure innocence of her in that moment…. just the way children should be!
A rare indoor session… Joshua and Julia rocked it! I need to start doing more studio shoots… now to just get a studio!



I enjoyed every moment with this adventurous couple! They were just a total blast!!

This photo was taken during a family session, but it was definitely my favorite one

Another amazing couple in love after 11 years of marriage

The original idea for this shoot was supposed to ba a light and airy feel, but as the weather turned we were BLESSED with the moody sky and vibrant colors

The cold weather haze made this photo go to a whole new level!

These were taken as a 10th anniversary gift from the husband to the wife!!! Now THAT is a good man!





A mother son moment that takes the cake! Mom even had this one blown up on canvas!

These are family friends of mine, and the reason that this made the top favorites is because this is basicly a typical moment in their life! Three crazy boys and mom and dad just chillin’!!! LOL.

A very special photo! Zoie had shaved her head for cancer and mom wanted family photos to remember this moment.

There is nothing like a mothers love for her children

A total change for me, I LOVED shooting on the graffiti

I love families and sun flare! This image is FOR SURE in my top 10 favs!!

Loving the clothing color combo! This is a great example of coordinating, not matching! Just the way it should be!!

Loved shooting this family in Banff. The backdrop was breathtaking

This is my lovely sister and my niece. It HAD to make the cut!!


It was great finding that perfect pocket of light to photograph Alex


Love the glam feel. She makes pregnancy look easy!

This was a spur of the moment session… Jen called me saying she was going to be induced right away! Baby was born less than 24 hours later!!!




Three of the most fun girls I have had the pleasure of working with. They were so mature for their age and loads of fun! I think we need to do it again!!!

This was my first time doing a whole shoot on a teenage boy… I was nervous at first, but then Colin showed me that guys were just as fun to photograph as girls! I have to say, I get more comments on this image than most others!!

Another young handsome guy proving that they can rock the camera as good as any girl can!

This makes the list as one of my personal favorite shots to date!

A soft airy garden was the perfect backdrop for this shoot!

The color contrast and flowy dress make this shot a top contender!

Grad beauty at its finest!

An 18th birthday photo session in -23 degree weather! Bonus points to Chase for making it look AMAZING!

Urban chic is always going to make my list of top photos!


Women | Glam and Beauty


What’s not to love about this photo?

I tried REALLY hard to pick just one photo from the Hair Wars series, but honestly… I wanted to put them ALL on my favorites list! So, this is 1 of 2 images I selected from this shoot. Everything about this shoot just lined up so perfectly… the hair, wardrobe, location, lighting, models… EVERYTHING! I just love it!

This is the other image I selected from Hair Wars. Again…hair, makeup, wardrobe… all of it was incredible. A major changing point in my photography, as I was a featured photographer for an online magazine because of this shoot.

The feeling of wind was created by having someone throw the fabric in the air right when I clicked the camera. I was so lucky to photograph 4 beautiful belly dancers that day!

Another image from the belly dancing session. Beautiful girl + sun flare is sheer perfection in my eyes

A sister photo shoot. What’s not to love?




Taken at my first wedding EVER… Still my favorite bouquet shot

Grandpas cuff links… need I say more!

Sweet and chic all at the same time

I always felt this could be a bridal advertisment! It’s just so cute!!!!

Taken at night, the sparklers were the only light source in the photo. Another one of my VERY favorites!

My very favorite ring photo! These stunning rings were designed and shipped from Australia! Gorgeous

Sun and sand make for beautiful photos and amazing memories

Could this be my #1 favorite photo??? It just might be! It may have something to do woth the fact that my handsome husband is the one on the far right!!



I would love to photograph more pets! They are such a big part of most families, yet often get overlooked. What a great keepsake!





I’ve been itching to blog this shoot ever since I did it. I had 4 beautiful women who are BELLY DANCERS ask me to take some photos for them. If you know me at all you would know the answer is YES YES YES! I love doing things out of the box and these were definitely different. The outfits were to die for, each one got better and better. I was in my creative glory! The best part of the day was when the sun hit the trees and made the yellow leaves nearly glow. I can’t wait to do it again. I really hope these ladies buy more outfits so I have an excuse to do more pictures.

I am so excited to post images from my boudoir marathon last month. Miss A was incredible to work with. Not only was she ULTRA good looking, she is probably one of the nicest people I have ever had the pleasure of photographing. And if that weren’t enough, she is a Pipe Fitter to boot…I just knew I would love this shoot when she pulled out her work  overalls

Last month I had the pleasure of shooting my first boudoir marathon! It was such an exhausting day, but well worth it in the end. The ladies that participated all had albums ordered for their men for Valentines Day. Now, is that a good woman or what!!! As much as I wish I could share every beautiful image I took that day, I can’t! Two reason : 1. I want to keep my blogs PG (ok, maybe PG13 LOL)  2. The ladies intended these most of the pictures to be strictly for their guy! Totally understandable, but I wish I could share none the less.  Here are some images I WAS able to release though.

I am beyond excited to be offering my first Boudoir Marathon! What is the difference between a marathon and a regular boudoir session you might ask? With a marathon, I book many girls on one day, and then I am able to lower the overall cost for the client! I only have 2 spots left for this day, so let me know soon if you are intersted ASAP:)