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Ever try to buy a picture to fit in a certain spot in your home? You go to the store, pick up the frame and say to yourself “this is HUGE! It will look great on that big wall behind the couch”. Only to go home, get ready to hang it, and realize it looks itty bitty on the wall all by itself! I am guilty for sure. Buying canvases is no different. An 8×10 in your head is going to be different than what an 8×10 actually looks like on the wall. Here is an example of an 8×10 over a fireplace, and a 30×40 in the same spot.

I have to admit, if every newborn session could be as good this one, I would be a full time newborn photographer. Baby fever hit me (only temporarily!!lol) because she was just SO GOOD, and so cute, and so sweet, and so squishy…ok, I’ll stop! But I have to give props to Sophie’s mom! She was the most relaxed first time mom I have ever seen. Not only was she relaxed, but she had this amazing “glow” about her, and I’m not usually one to notice that about someone else . I literally could have stayed there all day, but I have a feeling mom wanted her baby back! LOL. Here are just a few of the peaceful pics we got.

I love taking maternity photos! It is such a special and unique time in a womans life when we WANT our bellies to be big and round! LOL.   Yesterday I was lucky enough to capture a STUNNING mom-to-be! Everything about her was radiant, and here a few pics from our session!!


I had the pleasure of taking pictures of two of the most incredibly adorable children! Leo, you rocked my world! I loved how he called his sister Annabelle  “baby-belle” (yes, just like the cheese) LOL. Leo had energy that was absolutely contagious, and Annabelle had the sweetest demeanor.  I loved how these pictures turned out, they had such a vintage vibe to them. They were just beautiful 🙂


I am beyond excited to be offering my first Boudoir Marathon! What is the difference between a marathon and a regular boudoir session you might ask? With a marathon, I book many girls on one day, and then I am able to lower the overall cost for the client! I only have 2 spots left for this day, so let me know soon if you are intersted ASAP:)





HAPPY NEW YEAR! It is merely 11 minutes into the new year and I am “working”. Yes, this site is a lot of work, but it is exciting work. It means that I am taking myself and my photography to a new level in 2012. Although I am really not much of a blogger (I do NOT enjoy writing), I am very happy that I can express myself through photos. So, have a very happy new years, and look for exciting things to come from me!