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A few weeks ago, my brother requested that i go to work with him to take photos of his oilfield company to use for brochures and canvases around his office. So I said SURE! What a fun idea. I got to be a bit creative and do something I have never done before. While I was there, I snapped a great image of my brother holding his hard hat and taking off his gloves. I instantly loved it! So, I got it all industrial looking and in black and white and posted to my facebook page. No sooner was it posted, when my mom called to say how much she loved it and wanted similar photos taken of ALL her boys at work (2 sons, and 2 son-in-laws) so she could blow them up and print them onto 8×10 metal sheets! SO COOL!!! I got straight to work and was able to get an oilfield worker, an RCMP, a piano technician and a firefighter!!!! I don’t like to toot my own horn, BUT these really did turn out GREAT! Maybe it’s because they are men in MY life, but something about these images just gets to me. I am proud of these men and am more than excited to show them off to you!

Last month I had the pleasure of shooting my first boudoir marathon! It was such an exhausting day, but well worth it in the end. The ladies that participated all had albums ordered for their men for Valentines Day. Now, is that a good woman or what!!! As much as I wish I could share every beautiful image I took that day, I can’t! Two reason : 1. I want to keep my blogs PG (ok, maybe PG13 LOL)  2. The ladies intended these most of the pictures to be strictly for their guy! Totally understandable, but I wish I could share none the less.  Here are some images I WAS able to release though.

Where do I begin? I am QUITE excited to say the least… my photo has been considered to be the cover shot for an online photographers magazine! Crazy, I know. I never would have imagined this would have happened in the first few YEARS of being a photographer, and here I am merely 6 months into it, and I am in the running. I sent in my application for this particular picture because I loved the natural look to it. I knew that there would be entries with babies in baskets, pails, fur rugs and slings… but where would the “unposed”, natural photos be?  So, I sent it in not thinking I would ever hear back, but this morning, much to my surprise, there my picture was in the top 5 photos to vote for. The voting is still open for the next few days, so if you are interested in making me gain a vote, click on the link below!! Thanks. Click on photo #1


Happy second birthday to Kasyn!