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It’s that time again when I get to do a shoot of some of my favorite subjects, yup… I got to photograph my cousins Courtney and Kristen again, BUT this time their brother Mitch came too, which made this even BETTER! I think this photo session just confirmed what I have been thinking for a while… that I am made to photograph teenagers! I can’t even tell you how excited and passionate I was over this shoot. So, watch for MORE teen postings from Lindsay Nickel Photography, because that is where I want to be!!!

So I am really starting to enjoy photographing kids/teens for their birthday! I try to think back to when I was 10 years old… what did I look like? how long was my hair? what did I wear? (although it is probably best to FORGET what I wore back then..). And although my parents were great at taking snapshots, they aren’t all dated and filed away in cyberspace for ease of viewing. So, it really got me thinking how important these little birthday photo sessions are. One day, Kaedyn can just go online and click a button to show her children and grandchildren what she looked like at 10 years old. I still hope however, that my clients images are somehow displayed for their enjoyment now. Let’s not forget how fabulous one of these would look blown up hanging in her room!