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I have been wanting to do a photo shoot for my daughter for a while now. I wanted something that wasn’t the same old thing… and that’s where Red Riding Hood came into play. I’m not sure if I could have been any happier with the final outcome… pretty but a  bit eerie at the same time! PERFECT!



I am VERY excited to share this video with you! Maybe because it of my sister and her family! We shot this session at the beach in Sylvan Lake a few weeks ago and we were so luck to have a warm day and very minimal people around. I hope you enjoy the video. Oh, and for those of you who are wondering, yes, I am offering these videos to my clients for free when you purchase your entire digital gallery!

A few months ago I was asked to do photos of my friends daughter playing tennis. She had seen my “Men At Work” series of photos and wanted something with that same feel to it….black and white images, grain, and less “obvious” tennis photos. Needless to say, I was quite thrilled. I couldn’t wait to do something that showed off exactly who Ella was as a person. Tennis is a HUGE part of her life and so this was very important to her. I think I nailed the shoot because Ella told me she wants to be a photographer like me now! Awwwwww…..


Trying a new kind of blog post today… VIDEO! I love video… I think it makes photos come alive and add emotion to what we see. I am now offering these videos as an option to my clients when they book their session! YAY.

Hope you enjoy the Belchior family