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A beautiful day, and a beautiful couple! It was so great to see my friend Lisa tie the knot. I went alllll the way out to Provost, AB for the very first time to shoot the wedding. If there was a theme for the day, it was definitely FUN! You know a wedding is great when all the guests and the entire bridal party are having a blast.

I wish them all the best and a life of pure bliss! Congrats Matt & Lisa!

Matt and Lisa's Wedding 016.jpg
Matt and Lisa's Wedding 055.jpg
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Well it is that time of the year again where the children cry and the parents sing. I’m talking about Back To School! This year I have to be honest and say I am not all that excited about the kids heading back. I have been so overwhelmingly busy with photography this summer that I feel as though we barely got out and enjoyed our time off together. Maybe the awful weather had something to do with it too… it never did feel like summer time. But here we are, getting groceries for lunches, packing backpacks, and getting the carpool arranged so it was fitting that I took my kids out and did a back to school photo shoot for them. These are the photos that as a mother, I adore! I hope you like them too!!

Kaylee and Presley Back to school shoot 048 Kaylee and Presley Back to school shoot 052 Kaylee and Presley Back to school shoot 058 Kaylee and Presley Back to school shoot 061 Kaylee and Presley Back to school shoot 063 Kaylee and Presley Back to school shoot 065 Kaylee and Presley Back to school shoot 066 Kaylee and Presley Back to school shoot 068 Kaylee and Presley Back to school shoot 076 Kaylee and Presley Back to school shoot 084 Kaylee and Presley Back to school shoot 093 Kaylee and Presley Back to school shoot 099 Kaylee and Presley Back to school shoot 117 Kaylee and Presley Back to school shoot 119 Kaylee and Presley Back to school shoot 127

It’s not often I get to go out and just “play” with my camera. I am usually hired to do something specific for a client. Not in this case. A group of extremely talented photographers in central Alberta got together to have a fun photo shoot and this was the result. Thank you to Sheri O’Connor for being the brains behind the concept and letting us in on your fun 🙂

Models: Jennifer Claremont and Don

Horse: “Soggy”

Concept: Sheri O’Connor of Edge Photography

Styled shoot 046 Styled shoot 099 Styled shoot 107 Styled shoot 132 Styled shoot 136 Styled shoot 141BW Styled shoot 145 Styled shoot 245WM Styled shoot 254 Styled shoot 261 Styled shoot 263 Styled shoot 291


The day of Sean and Jennifer’s wedding was amazing! It all started with a beautiful “first look” at each other, followed by an afternoon of driving around in a limo, enjoying each others company as well as the company of their parents. We walked the city streets, Sean played the piano outdoors, they took time to have a quaint little lunch at the Coconut Room (delicious by the way!). We even found ourselves at my boudoir studio downtown for some fun “magazine” style photos. Nothing was rushed or starchy or typical about their time prior to the ceremony… it was all about time spent with each other. As I followed them from location to location, I realized that the photos they will truly treasure won’t be the ones of them posing quickly for the camera (although we did get some great ones), it will be the ones of them holding hands as they crossed the street, the moment when they shared a tea, laughing with one another, and looking into each others eyes. Those are the candid, REAL moments that made their wedding day THEIR wedding day!

Once the ceremony began, there was a sea of people with the most genuine love for the couple. You could feel it in the room. I was blessed to be there to witness it. I was also blessed to taste the yummy ice cream served for desert from the ice cream truck! Yes, our local ice cream truck Peppermint Andy’s made an appearance and let me tell you, it was sooooo good! So, congratulations to Sean and Jennifer on one of the most romantic weddings ever!


Sean and Jennifers Wedding 031Sean and Jennifers Wedding 453 Sean and Jennifers Wedding 003Sean and Jennifers Wedding 074Sean and Jennifers Wedding 089Sean and Jennifers Wedding 111Sean and Jennifers Wedding 119 Sean and Jennifers Wedding 129 Sean and Jennifers Wedding 132 Sean and Jennifers Wedding 149 Sean and Jennifers Wedding 152 Sean and Jennifers Wedding 179 Sean and Jennifers Wedding 196 Sean and Jennifers Wedding 202 Sean and Jennifers Wedding 387 Sean and Jennifers Wedding 398 Sean and Jennifers Wedding 403 Sean and Jennifers Wedding 422

Sean and Jennifers Wedding 567 Sean and Jennifers Wedding 556 Sean and Jennifers Wedding 520BW Sean and Jennifers Wedding 466 Sean and Jennifers Wedding 762Sean and Jennifers Wedding 661 Sean and Jennifers Wedding 669 Sean and Jennifers Wedding 730 Sean and Jennifers Wedding 872 Sean and Jennifers Wedding 844BWWM Sean and Jennifers Wedding 784 Sean and Jennifers Wedding 781Sean and Jennifers Wedding 986 Sean and Jennifers Wedding 947 Sean and Jennifers Wedding 923Sean and Jennifer ceremony and reception 030Sean and Jennifer ceremony and reception 082Sean and Jennifer ceremony and reception 167Sean and Jennifer ceremony and reception 190