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This fall,  I had the pleasure of meeting a beautiful young woman who is off to New York to go to Dance School! Yes, she was one of the few lucky ones accepted. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to her talk about her future plans as a dancer and all the opportunities that are coming her way. Such a sweet girl, and she made all those crazy jumps look so easy! Georgina Dance Photos 140BW Georgina Dance Photos 161 Georgina Dance Photos 179 Georgina Dance Photos 185 Georgina Dance Photos 194 Georgina Dance Photos 203 Georgina Dance Photos 220 Georgina Dance Photos 235 Georgina Dance Photos 242 Georgina Dance Photos 245 Georgina Dance Photos 247 Georgina Dance Photos 253 Georgina Dance Photos 256 Georgina Dance Photos 261 Georgina Dance Photos 268 Georgina Dance Photos 275 Georgina Dance Photos 280 Georgina Dance Photos 286

Hey past brides! Wonder what to do with that expensive dress you wore for ONE day? Do you look at it hanging in the closet and wish you could wear it just one more time? Or, maybe you didn’t get the best photos of you on your wedding day…. Well, do I have a solution for you!! You may not know it, but I offer “Rock the Dress” studio and location photos. We can get you all dolled up (hair and makeup) and get some stunning photos to make you feel just as special as you did on your wedding day… minus the stress!  These sessions are held at my downtown studio or outdoors (weather permitting) and are TONS of fun!! All you need is a dress (wedding dress, grad dress, cocktail dress) and I will do the rest.

Check out a Rock The Dress session from this past summer!!! Simply beautiful.

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Oh wow!! It has been a while since I have blogged. I have really let time slip away on me lately. This past summer was a whirlwind of weddings, and the fall blew me away with so many family photos that I barely had a chance to do anything but eat, sleep, shoot, edit. Now that things are getting quieter around here (snow in the forecast, anyone?), I will have more time to update my blog and show you all the fabulous shoots I have been doing over the past few months.

Todays blog features a fun and sweet couple, Keri and Kurt. These two had such incredible chemistry with each other, I can only imagine how amazing their wedding day will be. I am so excited for that big day next year. Here are a few from our beautiful autumn evening engagement session. Enjoy.

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