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I have been getting tons of Guest Books in for my 2014 couples lately. These books are 8×8 flush mount albums with thick pages that feel A-MA-ZING!!! I offer loads of cover options from classic basic black leather to an almost burlap-like linen. The thing I like best about these books is that you have your engagement photos printed right on the pages, with loads of room for the guests to sign in.  They are a perfect little keepsake after the wedding.


Now that the weather is warming up and the sun is shining, I thought it would be a great day to post a warm fall engagement session with two absolutely adorable people. I am SO excited for their summer wedding. It is going to be gorgeous. Congrats Kayla and Greg!!Kayla and Greg Engaged 025Kayla and Greg Engaged 035Kayla and Greg Engaged 048Kayla and Greg Engaged 095Kayla and Greg Engaged 118Kayla and Greg Engaged 130Kayla and Greg Engaged 131Kayla and Greg Engaged 142Kayla and Greg Engaged 152Kayla and Greg Engaged 179Kayla and Greg Engaged 205Kayla and Greg Engaged 009  Kayla and Greg Engaged 265 Kayla and Greg Engaged 274Kayla and Greg Engaged 282Kayla and Greg Engaged 240


This past December, I was able to attend a workshop hosted by Three Nails Photography. If you have never heard of Hunter Leone, you should check him out. His work is mind blowing… seriously! I was super pumped to find out what we would be photographing when I got there. He is known for his vintage style, so I presumed we would be doing a beautiful bride, dressed in lace, and lots of floral design. I don’t know why, but I just had a feeling that was what was happening. When we started to shoot, I quickly realized I was wrong.  Our stunning bride was dressed in BLACK. Head to toe BLACK. That is the moment I got excited. I have always wanted to do something “darker” and mysterious, but somehow my brain could never visualize it. So, here it sat, handed to me on a silver platter. Time to get shooting.

Everyone at the workshop kept saying how the whole shoot felt very “Edgar Allen Poe”, and we even had spooky fog to complete the feel. Yes, the fog was real!! No photoshopping here! At one point there were even eerie birds flying around. All I could think of is how creeped out I was reading The Raven in junior high. *shudder* But all of this came together to make some pretty epic photos.

Enjoy the images 🙂

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