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It is always a pleasure to work with my beautiful friend Melissa. This session was no different. We wanted to create a series of glamorous images for her to have just for herself.  Sometimes as moms, we forget that we are allowed to pamper ourselves and get all dolled up. I am always thrilled when clients want to have fun and celebrate who they are.

2014-05-23_0001 2014-05-23_0002 2014-05-23_0003 2014-05-23_0004 2014-05-23_0005 2014-05-23_0006 2014-05-23_0007 2014-05-23_0008 2014-05-23_0009

I have had the immense pleasure to have this be the second time I’ve photographed Andrea and Olivier. Their wedding is just around the corner, and I am so excited to participate in their big day. They are one of those couples who are genuinely in love with each other so I know that the wedding is going to be a bit of a tear jerker!! Gonna bring the kleenex!!

Here are a few shots from the engagement session. We have had to reschedule due to bad weather a few times, so when I woke up and saw rain/snow in the forecast, I immediately contacted them to get the session done ASAP!!! It was definitely cold, and the wind was getting pretty insane, but we managed to get an absolutely beautiful session done… perhaps in record time!

2014-05-12_0001 2014-05-12_0002 2014-05-12_0003 2014-05-12_0004 2014-05-12_0005 2014-05-12_0006 2014-05-12_0007 2014-05-12_0008 2014-05-12_0009 2014-05-12_0010 2014-05-12_0011 2014-05-12_0012 2014-05-12_0013 2014-05-12_0014 2014-05-12_0015 2014-05-12_0016 2014-05-12_0017 2014-05-12_0018

I was so pumped when my wonderful friends, Mel and Todd, asked me to be their wedding photographer!!!! Not only are they both the cutest people on the planet, but they are super sweet and tons of fun!!

Their engagement session took place in downtown Calgary where we made use of all the wonderful architecture, color and beautiful backgrounds. Although we were frozen solid by the end of the session (did I mention we did this in the middle of WINTER!!), we were thrilled with the outcome.

2014-05-08_0001 2014-05-08_0002 2014-05-08_0003 2014-05-08_0004 2014-05-08_0005 2014-05-08_0006 2014-05-08_0007 2014-05-08_0008 2014-05-08_0009 2014-05-08_0010 2014-05-08_0011 2014-05-08_0012 2014-05-08_0013