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We had the most spectacular evening for this incredible engagement session. Art and Amy made the trek out to the Alberta Badlands for a totally different engagement session. As a photographer on the prairies, I am used to wheat, canola, barns, and evergreens. Those are all fabulous, however I was so pumped when these two awesome people agreed to mix it up and take the drive out to Drumheller. The best part of the whole day was watching Amy hike around in those heels! She made them look like Nikes!!! Lol. Actually I changed my mind… the BEST part was watching Art pencil jump in the air. Seriously hilarious!!! (photo below!)

Oh yes, and don’t forget to take note of her stunning rose gold engagement ring!!! It’s to die for

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Matt and Kelly have quickly made their way into my heart! They are so fun, real and energetic. What’s more, is that they are taking me with them to photograph their rustic wedding in Nova Scotia this summer!!!!  AHHHHH!!!!

But before we can think about the wedding, we did this amazing engagement shoot on the streets of Edmonton.  We were minutes away from the rain pouring down on us, but we beat the weather and pumped out these amazing photos!

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