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One day I received an email from a wonderful woman asking if I would be interested in travelling to Nova Scotia to photograph her wedding. The answer was HECK YA! I had never been out East (yes, bad Canadian, I know!) and I was so excited to not only tour the countryside, but to also take some of the most magical photos I’ve ever taken.

Matt and Kelly’s wedding was held at the beautiful Pictou Lodge in Nova Scotia. This place was just incredible with all the rocks and the ocean waves crashing behind us. There was also do shortage of emotion when it came to these two, I have never seen so many tears in my entire life! lol. But it was so great… you could just feel how much they loved each other and how much they were ready for this day.

I want to thank the bride and groom, Matt and Kelly, for taking me to this special place. I will never forget this wedding and am so excited for you to spend your life with your soul mate. xoxo



Ceremony: Pictou Lodge, Nova Scotia

Reception: Pictou Lodge, Nova Scotia

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Prepare yourself for an incredible bog! This wedding took place at the beautiful Mapel Dell Farm near Innisfail, Alberta. The location was to die for… and any future bride thinking about booking this place should just do it! Now! You won’t be disappointed.

Nicole looked stunning in her wedding gown, which I may have been drooling over all day! It may be one of the most beautiful gowns I’ve photographed to date!! And The groom was setting trends by ditching the traditional jacket and rolling up his sleeves to create a relaxed yet sophisticated look. All the wedding details meshed so well together for a beautiful rustic chic day to remember. But don’t let all this perfection fool you into thinking it was a dull day… the reception was a full on party!!!!!! Sheer fun an excitement from beginning to end.

I am indebted to Tom and Nicole… more than they will ever know, for trusting in me to be the one to create the memories they will treasure forever. Much love to the happy bride and groom! xoxo

Venue (Ceremony and Reception): Maple Dell Farm

Second Photographer: Loni Bourne

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