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It’s no secret that I LOVE Calyx floral in Red Deer, so when the owner, Travis, called me up to do a shoot… I jumped at the chance to work with her. We decided that we wanted future brides to break outside the box a little and think about the possibility of using wearable flowers as part of their bridal attire. This isn’t just for the bride, we think incorporating these features with bridesmaids and flower girls are just as fun. A few of the pieces she designed were floral crowns, neckpieces, belts and boas. So, as you plan your wedding, ask yourself if you could see your bridesmaids wearing a stunning boa instead of the traditional bouquet. It’s definitely worth a second thought!

Flowers: Calyx Floral Design 

Suits: Black Knight Tuxedo

Macarons: Babe’s Company

Rentals : Parkland Party Rentals

Brides Dress : Sunni-Rene Bridal

Stationary: AJ’s Craft Creations

Engagement Ring and Earrings: Clowes Jewellers

Female Model: Natalie Skaley

Male Model: Todd Hector


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