Today, you are in for a treat. I have asked some of my past brides to give you a little piece of advise that they have learned from their weddings! YAY! What better way to get tidbits of information, than from someone who has just been in your shoes not that long ago.


From Ceanna:

“Don’t fret. Don’t stress. Enjoy the ride of the day! Wake up knowing there might be kinks but they aren’t going to change the outcome of you being MARRIED at the end of the day! No one else knows your exact plans, so no one will know if one thing is missing! Embrace it, your wedding day only happens ONCE!”2017-03-28_0019 2017-03-28_0008 2017-03-28_0014



From Michelle:

“The best advise I could give is to really investigate costs before making a budget and booking vendors. I found we made a budget and allocated not enough money towards the things we considered important and then had overspent money on things that we could have cut back on. It’s hard to know what to expect when you have never planned a wedding but putting in the time to research will definitely pay off in the end. My other best advise would be to hire Lindsay as we couldn’t be more happy with our photos!”


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From Kaylah:

“Enjoy the scenery! Mountain backdrops for engagement and wedding photos are timeless… Absolutely stunning! Use the architecture and decor in the venue to your advantage. Less is more for decorating.

Lots of local restaurants can be used as venues for the ceremony and reception. Call around to your favourite mountain restaurant… you may be surprised what they can offer.

Many makeup artists (and hairstylists) in the Canmore/Banff area are mobile. Book early for a consultation.

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From Kaitlin:

“Just remember that at the end of the day, after the dinner is eaten, the speeches are given, the cake is cut, the bouquet is tossed… you will be married to the love of your life. So simply focus on the marriage rather than the wedding and things will be a lot less stressful.”
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From Dana:
“To the bride on her wedding day. Remember this is one day in your life; a snapshot in time. Your heart has lead you here, don’t let your brain drive you crazy planning the day. “
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From Denise:
“Organization is key! I kept a notebook with dividers and had everything in it from the guest list to expenses. Each time I met with a vendor (caterer, officiant etc) I brought my notebook along and had everything at my fingertips and could reference easily what I had discussed with other vendors. Also doing a few tasks at a time was much more manageable than trying to do a whole bunch all at once! Oh and hire Lindsay as your photographer (but that ones a no brainer!)”
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WOW! I just love hearing what every bride takes away from their wedding. It really sounds like the overall theme is to relax, don’t stress and remember that you are marrying the love of your life! Thank you to all my brides that participated in this fun blog post. I know each of them would love it if you could leave a comment letting them know how great they did!