Planning your dream wedding can be hard. There are so many details that can feel overwhelming and take the magic out of your special day. 

My goal is to make every couple feel like they are making a great decision booking me. I am always available to answer your questions on timelines, vendors or anything else you might be struggling with. 

Please browse through my website, and if you feel like we would be a good fit, go on over to the contact tab and shoot me a message!


Here's what you need to know...

I'M Lindsay nickel... MOM, wife, PHOTOGRAPHER,  AND FRIEND

hey, you!

 One day, I picked up a camera to take photos of my 2 little kids. Excited to see my masterpiece, I quickly downloaded the images to my computer. I was shocked to learn that I was a horrible photographer. Seriously, the photos were the quality of a toddler. In that moment, a fire was lit inside of me to do better and to learn everything I possibly could about photography. 

Fast forward 12-ish years and here I am! Loving photography and specializing in weddings!!!! (I said I would NEVER shoot a wedding because they were too stressful hahaha!!!). 

Here's the speedy notes on a few of my favorite things:
- My Family
- My daily walks with my french bulldog 
- Starbucks (ya, I'm that girl!)
- Makeup. I hoard it! 
- Travelling 
- Home Decorating